To see a client obtain US citizenship is one of the most rewarding aspects of my immigration practice. Obtaining citizenship is more than filling out forms. A solid understanding of the process is important because forms do not usually explain the potential problems that may arise if a person does not have the knowledge of the process. The process can be confusing and often intimidating, especially in the present governmental environment.

Guiding the petitioner through the whole citizenship process makes it more manageable and less stressful. I help in the following ways :

  1. Provide an in-depth knowledge of specific procedures and documentation required to complete a successful petition.
  2. Check to make sure the client is eligible for US citizenship.
  3. Address any special needs and/or concerns of the client.
  4. Fill out the forms.
  5. Help prepare the client for the citizenship interview and give the client an idea of what to expect.

The process by which US citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or foreign national is called Naturalization. In order to become a naturalized citizen the individual must be:

  • over 18 years old and have a Green card and lived in the United States for five years
  • have asylum and lived in the United States for four years
  • is a spouse of a US citizen and lived in the United States at least three years with Green card status
  • is a permanent resident, served in the United States military, and been in the country for three years.

There are other ways to become a citizen without going through naturalization, but most of those opportunities apply to children through their US parent/s.

US citizenship gives the holder a variety of rights and benefits. It makes a person eligible to vote in US general elections and even run for elected office. Citizenship means that a person may become eligible for federal jobs because most jobs with government agencies require U.S. citizenship. Importantly, as a citizen a person cannot be deported; his or her rights to enter and exit the US are protected. For example, a person can visit family or vacation in another country for an extended period of time or take a job in another country. Further a US citizen traveling outside the United States has access to US embassy and mission staffs if he/she loses a travel document or encounters legal trouble out of the United States. There are other positive aspects to citizenship as well as responsibilities. I am happy to discuss them further if you decide to set up a consultation.

I hope you will consider me if you decide to seek US citizenship. Hopefully, I can make it a smooth, rewarding and timely citizenship process for you.

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