Official photograph portrait of former U.S. President George W. Bush

Nearly all Americans have ancestors who braved the oceans – liberty – loving risk takers in search of an ideal.

George W. Bush

In September is Ancestor Appreciation Day. I am sure we all have ancestors that stand out and are part of each person’s family folklore. I can think of a couple ancestor who bring out a chuckle when I think of them and then there are the relatives who played a part in making America what it is today,

As a nation of immigrants we all have ancestors who came from other countries – mine came from Scotland and Great Britain – and I imagine they conquered many hurdles and challenges to come to America. If you have ever been to Jamestown, VA and seen the replicas of the ships our early settlers used to cross the Atlantic, you understand the obstacles they faced. The ships are so small – it is unbelievable! So on this special day, I applaud the many adventurers and brave souls who came to populate these United States of America.