Every aspect of the American economy has profited from the contribution of immigrants.

John F. Kennedy, A Nation of Immigrants

Last month, I wrote about the immigrant comedian, Bob Hope. This blog I thought I would write about more contemporary immigrants who have become US citizens and provided economic impetus to the US economy. Some of the most notable first generation immigrants are: Pierre Omidyar from France and founder of E-Bay; Sergy Brin, from Russia and cofounder of Google; Elon Musk from South Africa and founder of Tesla; and Jerry Yang from Taiwan and cofounder of Yahoo!

According to FastCompany.com research shows that immigrants are more likely than native-born people to start their own businesses in their adopted homelands.
Further, a full 25% of all entrepreneurs in the United States are immigrants.

It will be interesting to watch whether America will continue to attract smart, skilled and ambitious individuals who opt to settle in the United States rather than to create businesses in their respective homelands.