Immigrant visas are issued to individuals seeking to live and work permanently in the United States. These visas, commonly referred to as a “Green Card” confer lawful permanent resident status for a specified length of time, usually 10 years. The Green Card holder must follow and abide by all visa terms or face possible deportation. The Green Card can also enable a person to apply for US citizenship. You can obtain a Green Card through various methods: family-based application such as immediate family members, fiancé(e), and certain other relatives; and employment based application including EB visas.

To live and work and in the United States is a dream of many foreigners and applying for a Green Card can be a complex process when one is not experienced in immigration law. I am here to help you attain your goal of a Green Card. I am knowledgeable about the process and aware of the various pitfalls. I can make a difference when the government reviews the application and interviews you.

I also handle Green Card renewals as well as applications for US citizenship. I am dedicated to helping you through the various processes so that you can attain the goals you have set for your life.